Since 1986, we now have seven  featured rooms.   We have heard many love stories.  Some have told us, we should have warning signs from the Surgeon  of Obstetrics on our doors.   CAUTION:  nine months from  entering this room……

There is also the story of the couple who overdid it with the bubble bath.  She described him covered with bubbles, as the Michelin Man.

One Mr and Mrs. celebrated his 81st  birthday.  They checked out
with smiles on their faces.

Gramma was asked by her granddaughter, “Mommy and Daddy
went away to be alone.  But how can they be alone, when they are together?”.  Gramma laughed.

After asking one male guest upon check out, “When is the last time you had a bubble bath?” he thought a minute and answered, “Last night.”
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